The V-Stile collects important data and allows site entry with a single fingerprint

The V-Stile is designed to provide your site with made to measure access control that fits your site no matter how big or small. There are a number of options available.

Connect – The compact case system is designed to be placed in your site office and used as a clocking in system. It comes complete with V-Stile software.

Turnstile – The stand alone turnstile is designed to be built in to your existing site perimeter. It can be used as a low cost solution or deployed as part of a larger system and the V-Stile software. All turnstiles are available with V-Stile software.

Module – A self-contained plug and play module that contains a turnstile and readers in a secure pod. It comes complete with V-Stile software. Larger pods with multiple turnstiles are also available for larger sites.

Key Features

  • Plug and play system for easy one-day installation
  • Choice of access options - swipe card and biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Cloud based software allows for reports to access from anywhere in the world.
  • CSCS integrated software allows for easy registration of staff to system through their CSCS cards details
  • Aids in meeting BREEAM criteria and monitor compliance.
  • Multiple sites can be integrated in to one system allowing for reporting across the company, not limited to individual sites.


The V-Stile software allows for reports to be created for a number of different uses.

Payday – compatible with over 60 payrolls systems the V-Stile allows for simple, up to date payrolls submissions to be made therefore saving time and increasing accuracy

Scheduling – the tools within the V-Stile software are designed to help with project planning, scheduling deliveries and maintaining staffing levels.

Reports – The integrated report writer can produce regular, bespoke, report and email them to selected staff members. Report can also be created on demand e.g. Fire roll call.

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