A simple and adaptive fire system for the construction industry

The V-Fire fire evacuation system is designed with construction projects in mind. It is simple to install and can be easily moved about your site as the build progresses.

Key features

  • The wireless system allows the control panel, detectors and sounders to be installed anywhere on site without cable runs getting in the way of the developing build
  • Fully monitored so should there be an alarm activation during non-working hours the monitoring station will raise the alarm and call your local fire and rescue service.
  • Up to 480 units can be linked up on a single system allowing for coverage of the largest of sites.
  • Configure your own V-Fire system with individual unit options include fire alarm call points, first aid alert points, heat detectors, as well as smoke alarms and sounders
  • The V-Fire software allows full access and control of the system from a compatible device.

First Responder Trolleys


  • Fire alarm for complete site wide evacuation
  • Extinguisher cabinet protects misuse, damage and weather elements
  • Tamper pins, designed for cabinet latches, eliminates weekly inspection of extinguishers
  • Minimises the risk of extinguishers being used without notifying the site
  • Fire plan displayed to aid escape and show routes to assembly area
  • Corporate branding available

Spill Control

  • Emergency spill control centre
  • Sealed cabinet with anti-tamper pins
  • Keep spill control products in good condition and ready to use
  • Cabinet fill (spill absorbents) can be customised to specific requirements
  • Oil, maintenance or chemical spill absorbents available
  • Smarten up the image of your site

First Aid

  • Clearly defined first aid centre, for any accidents on site
  • First aid alert alarm (nurse call) connects to the Wireless Alarm System and notifies first aider immediately of an accident
  • Sealed cabinet can be wired to alarm to notify site when accessed or tampered with
  • Any activation of first aid alert will be logged on the alarm panel
  • Easy accessible eye wash station, for fast response
  • First aid signage, highlighting emergency procedures and names of the first aiders on site
  • Space in cabinet for automated external defibrillator

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